Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Sleepless night success

So yesterday at 7:00 AM I tweeted about insomnia and that it had won the battle but that I'd win the war!

But that wasn't the whole story... Insomnia may have kept me awake but it wasn't necessarily a bad thing.

You see while I wasn't sleeping I came up with Pretty fun crafts... On pinterest a week or so ago I came across these:

My heart swooned - however, the price? Not as big a fan... But last night, last night I remembered some felt scraps I had leftover from Christmas presents and I thought to myself - there no time like the present. And so I cut and I sewed and I ended up with two cute little piggies and an owl. Worked out well in the end - a little (okay a lot) less sleep but I got myself one little piggy and my etsy shop got a pig and an owl (and I'm betting after tonight a heart) so I think I won the war (ish??? Let's give my sleep deprived brain this win, okay??)

Side note: I got 6 hours of sleep tonight

+++are you a good sleeper? And seriously how cute are felt pigs? +++

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