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Thanks for stopping by my little house on blogger street in Internet town. I hope to make it a happy house :-)

I am joined here by my loving husband (aka hubster) and my poodle (we call him pupster) the poodle is a standard chocolate poodle but let me tell you there is nothing standard about him! If you have any questions about standard poodles please contact me I love (no really I love - much to the chagrin of everyone who has to listen NON-STOP) poodle and especially mine!

So, what is there to say about me? I am a 30-something woman (not putting the exact in so I don't have to remember to change it on my birthday, pretty smart, huh?) I have struggled since childhood with "mental illness" (I feel like that phrase is too cliche because really who in this world hasn't at some point in their life struggled) since I was a child. Mostly with self injury and eating disorder (I am guessing you figured that part out from the blog title). I go years with it under control but as soon as something sets my world off I struggle. Most recently (a couple years ago) it was my mom passing away and I have been in a constant battle - I slip, I fight my way upright, I slip, etc... This blog is my spot to figure out how to fight the demons of ED and stand on my own two feet victorious!

I love talking to people so please feel free to email ms with questions, comments, fun stories or what have you!

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