Monday, June 23, 2014


Name Your Favorite…

Person: living? That'd be J. Unless you want to count the poodle as a person... Then J is bumped down a notch

Color: it's been pink forever but I'm really loving pastel aqua and peaches lately

Food: Italian ice

Smell: the fairgrounds. Sort of like horse manure, dirt, dust, grass, fresh hay, shavings and home all mixed together 

Book: skeezer a dog with a mission. It's the reason I have a therapy dog

Movie: hmmm I really liked the colors in oz the great and powerful 

Time of day: when I first wake up and just when I'm going to sleep are tied

Day of week: Sundays 

Things to do when bored: crochet, organize photos, clean

Celebrity: secretariat

Drink: water with fruit in it

TV show: lately I'm all about Big Bang theory 

Fruit: what ever we just went to the orchard and picked, in the winter grapefruit 

Vegetable: carrots

Store/shop: etsy

Workout: boxing

Quote: it's always been "the only way around is through"

Potato chip flavor: hate hate hate potato chips! Don't like finger foods and despise my hands getting greasy

Meal of the day: 

Ice cream: I'm more of an Italian ice fan... Vegan ice cream isn't really worth the calories IMO 

Season: late spring and summer

Dessert: watermelon

Life hack: I don't know that this is my favorite but it's pretty cool!

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