Saturday, May 23, 2015

4 years and 1 year

It's my birthday! And I'm kind of reflective today.

4 years ago today I was living at the house I grew up in. It's about 2 miles away from where I live now. That's not a big distance but it's light years at the same time. Let me explain...

I lived at the end of a small dead end road. Now I live on a cut through street. I lived in a good sized house. Now I live in a small home. I lived in front of conservation land. Now I live near a lake. 

The lake, the cut through, the small house... It's all done something to me. I spend more time outside. I walk that lake almost every day, being in a small house we leave the wooden door open almost all the time so I see all the runners and walkers cutting through and it just goads me to get out and enjoy a day. 
How can you not want to see that view every single day??

Now a year ago I was 14 days post-op (#2) and still on crutches and pretty freaking miserable. This morning the poodle and I were out at 5:30 to walk our lake; WITH the extra wooded path he loves so much! It really has become the little things that mean so much to me :-)
Yes I know this isn't heeling but those pictures always suck!

And now I'm going to go enjoy my day- wake up my husband and figure out what we are going to do!

What are your long weekend plans? 

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