Monday, July 28, 2014

8 is enough

Wednesday I went to my 8th funeral this year.

My father's
It was his 79th birthday. I spent the morning with him and as I left he called me back to kiss him goodbye. 

What! A! Gift!!! 

I will always remember that the last thing I said to him was I love you, and the last thing I did for him was kiss him goodbye. 

I was excited for his birthday this year. I had spoiled him with food and booze and scratch tickets. I told everyone I ran into "it's my dads birthday" 

We have a difficult past but we've spent the last year and a half loving one another. I will miss him SO much, and I can only hope that he and my mom are dancing among the stars.

There's something very lonely (even while surrounded) about being an "orphan"

I had leader of the band sung at his funeral and really "papa I don't think I said I love you near enough"...

Go hug someone you love

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