Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sooooo Pinterest made me do it

I'm on Pinterest a lot (probably too much)
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And I find and create a lot of ideas though considering I have over 2200 pins I'm going to go with I don't do nearly as many as I find.

(Click the picture to be brought there and get directions)

But! I saw this one in the middle of yet another sleepless night and patiently (if patiently means being annoyed that stores aren't open at 5 am and starting this post at 6:30 prior to stores being open because I'm that sure that they will A be cute and B I will love them) waited until morning to create my own!

cue a few hours later

I followed her instructions (almost) exactly and created my own little masterpieces. The only difference was I went to the dollar store and bought bandanas and ribbon instead of fat quarters and raffia (it opened earlier than Joanne's) and decided not to whine about it since the place was packed with people buying candles and batteries because they were out of power still and I only wanted to add a decoration to the bathroom.
The sticks were the only remnant of hurricane sandy left on my front lawn...

They're pretty cute huh?

how often do you get inspired by Pinterest

Monday, October 29, 2012


Hurricane sandy is landing in Massachusetts as I type this.
We've already lost power and lit the candles.
The little house is warm and cozy and although I'm afraid winds will knock it over (don't ask) we are enjoying our shut in.
The hubs is home from work for the day
The poodle is excited we took him swimming (it's our hurricane tradition)
So far we've gone for a nice walk and played on the lake
And carved pumpkins
I'm about to set up the trampoline for a little workout and throw on pandora and call it a day.
Stay safe!

has sandy affected your day? In good ways or bad?

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fabulous Friday fill-in fun

Courtesy of Friday fill ins

And...here we go!

1. Oh, that poodle - he has stolen my new chaise as his own
2. It's a sure sign of being grown up when you're excited to pay bills the minute they come in rather than hold onto them to pay "later"
3. Are we having to paint again??!.
4. My heart is heavy, a friendship I've had for years ended this week - it's for the better for us both but I'm still sad
5. Do you believe in ghosts? I do and I'm hoping to go to Salem this (Halloween) weekend eek I'm scared
6. I'm a wimp about ghosts and goblins but I swear I insist on scaring myself
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to going to Home Depot with ash to help her pick out colors tomorrow my plans include body infusion and yoga and helping paint - i kinda wish i wasn't sick (I have the cold that's going around) and Sunday, I want to sleep and maybe go to Salem if we aren't getting killed by a hurricane (have I mentioned I hate weather)

What are your weekend plans?
And do you believe in ghosts??

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Life's a journey not a destination

Thunder and lightning!
Gah, I hate them :-(

I woke up as hubs came to bed, so around 11:45. I tried to go back to sleep but... Thunder and lightning. I wasn't always afraid, as a kid I'd make fun of my godmother for being scared. Now I'm right there with her.

Anyway... Since I've been up now for hours (5 at the point). And I only got 1 hour of sleep I figured I'd do something brainless. Crochet! An easy crochet fit my needs this morning. I was fully intending on making something with the fun blue fun fur I have but then I saw the cowl. I started it last week and have a dozen or so hours into it, but at no point in its creation was I excited about it.

Slowly I started to "frog" (unravel) it without any thought of what I was doing, about halfway through I realized that I was calm - hands no longer shaking, heart no longer pounding, just breathing. Perhaps THIS is why I started a cowl, so I could take it out when I needed a destress? If so! It's done it's job, my eyes are heavy, my heart is peaceful. I may take a nap.

OR I may start a scarf, for my godmother I've probably got a little atoning to do!

Friday, October 19, 2012

It's Friday I need to fill in

As always (why yes i do mean always) courtesy of: Friday fill ins

1. I hope I can get everything done and also back on track (I've sort just stopped need to get on that)
2. What to do when you have a party coming up? Scrub the back porch (understand this will take 5 hours), go to Home Depot, buy stain with mildew inhibitors, and stain the deck and pray it will be fully dry before the party (seriously though don't do this it's just what I do because we'll I'm joy but look at the difference between dirty - clean - stained).
3. Boy I sure did enjoy spending time with A yesterday we ran errands!!!.
4. Remind me to call my therapist (my current one, a new one? I don't know) I'm a bit out of control lately I want EVERYTHING done and NOW
5. What does the ok so this doesn't really make sense with the start of this sentence but follow along what does the car insurance people think is okay about raising my insurance 25% because of "not last winter the one before" where neither hubs or I had an accident but apparently most of the world did due to lots of snow. And best of all her reply when I questioned it? Well if the current trend continues it'll go down next year
6. It makes me annoyed to think about it SO LETS NOT.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to this is a crazy busy day I'm getting my hair cut (first time in 2012), picking up a futon (we have guests coming for a week on Wednesday and they need a place to sleep (in my 750 square foot house lordhelpmetheresgonnabe5peopleinthistinyness) and babysitting my niece I've promised her we will carve pumpkin tomorrow my plans include going to yoga and spin, helping a friend organize her closets, ohhh lets not forget i need to clean my own house (see above smallness add in my ocdness and know its easy), cook and decorate for a halloween party at 6, and then host a halloween party - where im wearing a toga (im cheap and it cost $10) and Sunday, I want to rest but instead I will be... Going to a fundraiser at the gym (a boot camp class at 5:45 am) then heading to horse judging training from 8-4 then home and crashing!!!


Monday, October 15, 2012

I suck at commitment

Now I get that this is an odd thing for a married person to say. Especially someone who has been married for 9 years! But let's look at the blog:

-Still owe a post on ode to Gregory
-Haven't finished the 30 days even though I'm pretty sure we are almost two months in!

I am however two weeks in to a monthlong challenge

October yoga challenge

And I'm loving it! I have had a day where I thought to myself eh I'd rather not --- but remembering that I've committed to it has propelled me there each time!

I had wanted to do three times a week which is EXACTLY the number of times a week my gym offers yoga! Soooooo 1+1=2 and I'm going to each! Pretty amazing right?

(In case you're wondering no the poodle has nothing to do with this BIT I love this picture and wanted to share it)

are you good at commitment?

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Friday fill ins

Holy crap Boston got cold! Like winter coat (ohhh wait I thought it was a good idea to donate my coat at the end of last winter because I wanted a new one), electric blanket, wearing socks and complaining about it cold!

But let's just pretend its warm and I'm pleasant

Friday fill ins

And...here we go!

1. If I could live anywhere it would be Florida specifically Orlando, that way I'd be warm and near Disney aka the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH
2. When I am queen yearly vacations with your loved one(s) will be mandatory
3. Why do people assume things? Perhaps if they didn't there would be more actual communication in the world.
4. Soon my friend from Pennsylvania will be up to see her new puppy (and visit me!!!!).
5. Wow! last weekend I was parking in Boston and without knowing parked RIGHT NEXT TO my friend! It was a great way to start my morning with a hug :-)
6. You said nothing! Is there anything you'd like me to be blogging about?
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to apparently falling asleep by 8:30, tomorrow my plans include body infusion and yoga, then helping a friend organize her house and hopefully making it to a craft fair and Sunday, I want to finish some painting and figure out what classes I want to take at the bcae and I signed up for a spin class

What about you? What's up for your weekend? And have you ever taken any adult ed classes?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

30 things day 12

I want to start with I hate and dread this question!

12. Describe a typical day in your current life.

There is no typical in my life :-)

So lets talk about today!

Today was wake up with a panic attack.
Start maniacally cleaning the house ;-)
Make chili
Pick up Aaron to babysit
Take the poodle to the vet to be sure he's okay (jerk ate chocolate and raisins on Tuesday)
Home and cleaning more
Take the poodle and Aaron to meet Latte!!
I'm in love! This is genetically my poodles baby sister and she is going to my best friends house!
Drive home
Poodle crashes asleep
Watch a little tv
Blog and get ready for yoga!
Make hubs dinner

what's your typical day?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Just the other day

I took the poodle and his friend Max for a romp in the woods - now you MIGHT call it a walk but please look at my dog, he rarely has two feet down at once it was definitely more of a romp or dance in the woods. It's funny to me that he and Max can go months without seeing one another and pick up like they never left off! <b>do you have friends like that?</b>

I do. I have a friend Kerri whom I have often gone months or a year without talking to but when we text or bump into one another its as if we last talked yesterday. This was one of those weeks where everything I touched went wrong and panic attacks were frequent. I sent her a text saying that and she was like "oh Joy, give it up the world isn't ending today take the poodle for a walk and get normal again" and you know what's funny? If pretty much anyone else had said that to me I'd have been pissed but she's known (and loved) me since the day I was born - I was her Barbie doll! So I took her advice I took poodster (and Max) out and although I'm not normal I was at least able to sleep last night!

<b>score for friends

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

30 things day 11

Way to make a month last a long time here Joy!

11. Describe 10 pet peeves you have.

1. People being mean - I don't care whether its to a child, a dog, an adult or a senior. When you're intentionally mean I want to kick you

2. Littering - if you litter I want to punch you in the face (ummm hmmm maybe I shouldn't blog when I've been up all night because my stomach is an ass - it kind of turns me violent)

3. People who walk away from stuff (or other people) that they loved because it got hard

4. Self centered people (see above)

5. When a person doesn't have time for a child who is asking you to play - make the time! Pretty soon you'll want to see them and they won't have time for you (they learned it from YOU) (see also cats in the cradle)

6. When I forget to put things in my calendar because I hate running around like a chicken with my head cut off!

7. A corner of my house that I just can't seem to make "right" - I get SO close but it's just off....

8. That hubs can sleep no matter what and I fight to rest and usually fail!

9. Cold feet - no seriously if your feet are cold there is NO talking the rest of your body into being warm!

10. That I have ruined my teeth with purging. I brush and floss more than probably 99% of America and yet I have yellow teeth - it seriously posses me off!

what are a couple of your pet peeves?

Thursday, October 04, 2012

30 things day 10

10. Describe your most embarrasing moment.

My MOST embarrassing moment, huh? I am a living walking embarrassing moment.
The one that is standing out in my head is from when I was 19. I was at a pretty major horse show with my sweet old nag... It was a three day event. I fell off on the first day - but landed on my feet, I curtsied and went on with my day. Well early the next morning I fell again, I landed squarely on my back and knocked the breath out of me. A ton of help from the EMTs & I was back on my way.
AGAIN the third day I fell of my horse and she landed on my arm. I broke my humorous (no it wasn't funny). After a quick ambulance ride to the ERi was ok --- side note they found both my ankle had hairline fractures (and really I am blaming that on why I fell the other two times).
The worst part of all this is that closing ceremonies they were awarding me an trophy for years of good riding (I had to hobble down to get it)

At the time I was mortified. Now I look back and think how silly it all was!

I'm sure that there are about a million other dumb Joy stories but this is the one that stuck out tonight!

I hope you're having a great evening I am off to hit the hay (get it? Horse show, hay!!! I slay me)

tell me about an embarrassing moment you've survived

Monday, October 01, 2012

30 things day 9

9. List 10 people who have influenced you and describe how

Yikes mike that's a hard one

1- my mother. She taught me that caring is beautiful and unconditional. If my mom loved you she loved you and nothing you said or did changed that

2- my father. He taught me that alcohol makes nasty people even meaner!

3- Alicia - she was the one I never wanted and one of the first people I pray for each night --- I count her as a blessing

4- Hubs - he taught me that good things are worth waiting for!! I loved him a long time before we even dated

5- Mimi baby - she taught me that there's NOTHING better than being greeted with an enthusiastic hello. Yup even when I met her in a store aisle OF A STORE I DROVE HER TO

6- smitty - she taught me that blood ain't nothin but DNA - she was as much my grandmother as the others. And as much a sister to Mimi as any blood could be

7- Ma - she taught me that love comes many different ways. My beautiful godmother has 7 kids and no time for crap but always time for me.

8- K - she taught me to purge...I learned far too well. K was a person I was ip with. Before that I had never purged... Probably shouldn't have asked, huh?

9- Mary - she taught me never to give up. Mary is in her 50s and fights anorexia every single day. She still believes she will recover, she believes I will too

10 -Laura - she taught me that friends can stick in through the crap! She also lets me ask any question which is a good "feature"

so who has influenced you? What'd you learn

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