Thursday, May 30, 2013

I baked for a friend and it was good...

Can you believe it? I'm still amazed every time I make something and the recipient says they liked it. I made these:
<a href="" target="_self" title="Best ever says Alicia " style="font-size:16;color:black;font-family:;text-decoration:none;">Happy herbivore carrot cake</a>

I am not sure why my HTML links aren't working anymore (I think blogger hates me) so copy and paste here (trust me its worth the effort

And they even looked decent
It was Alicia's birthday and I really wanted to do something special for her. She's such a sweet sweet and special soul.

And that is seriously all I've done for days :-( I am sick and my body just isn't up for much. There's been no gym, no running, no walking the poodle (poor baby) nothing but sitting on the couch and being a first class sloth!

So my advice - if a sloth can make these and have everyone say they are the best cupcakes they've ever eaten so can you... Go make them!

What are you up to? Can I live vicariously through you?

Monday, May 20, 2013

Past experience

Since I've been quiet a while (I swear my brain is on super slow motion lately) I thought I'd try some pre thought ideas so I googled "daily blog prompts" and it brought me to the one minute writer - yeah I think that's just my speed!

<B>What kinds of experiences have you had in hospitals, either good or bad?</b> 

well I've certainly had my fair share of hospital experiences some where I've made some great friends - spending weeks with people makes for truly knowing them and you'll either really like each other, or not!
For the most part my hospital (and by hospital i mean either residential or psych ward 8-O) experience has been ok other than the whole lack of control thing I can manage to get through it. The only time I *still* have nightmares about was the first time I had a feeding tube put in. The woman who did it (side note she still scares the crap out of me and every time I see her I lose my legs) was just not kind. But the nurse with her came back later to see if I was okay which was nice.

<a href="" target="_self" title="" style="font-size:16;color:black;font-family:;text-decoration:none;">Prompt found here</a>


<b>have you been in the hospital? Tell me about it (its supposed to only take a minute)

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

On running and such

Last night I ran a race. I know weird huh? A race on a Tuesday night but there it was.

I'm sick and have been for a few days, and I wouldn't have run this race if it wasn't the third in a series and the three races together made up a whole medal (quite cool really but it sucks when you're not feeling good).
Anyway I left the house telling the hubs I didn't know if I was walking or running - either way I didn't feel good but there were benefits to both, I was pretty sure if I walked I wouldn't puke (sorry for the tmi) but it would take me forever and I would just be out there feeling crappy for 3 long miles. 

Well I got there and to make a long story quasi short I decided to run - just to get it over with. I stepped in behind a man who looked like he was in pretty good shape but not a speed demon and figured he'd pace me without even knowing it. And he did! For the first mile and a half ~ then he stopped to walk I was like wtf buddy you're my pacer but I just trudged ahead. I ran without music (I have a headache so noise is bothering my ears) and in sun glasses (light is hurting my eyes) and I just ran. This wasn't a omg I love to run type of run it was a lets get it done run. As I hit 2.6 miles I was passing a nice guy who cheered me on with a go get it girl! Seriously if I wasn't sick I think I'd have turned around and hugged him! I finished the 5k, grabbed my medal and t and walked back to my car (seriously didn't stop for any of the cool post race stuff they had - though I think I'll join this whole series next year) and drove home. At a stop light I stopped to look at my run keeper app to realize that I just had a 70 second pr. Pretty cool huh? Now I wish I had at least enjoyed it!

When was the last time you PR'd? And have you ever had a weeknight race? This was a first for me - it was a makeup race for one that got snowed out in February!

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