Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween ramblings

So when I was 18 and still living with my parents I "took over" Halloween. This wasn't a hostile takeover by any means 
And really it didn't mean anything other than I got what we were giving out. Well that year some loser decided to put razors in candy bars at the store and I was horrified (rightly so I might add) and so I ordered toys from and gave those out and every year since I've given out toys (and many years some sort of gift certificate to McDonald's or Wendy's for ice cream or something - you get a 10 pack for $1) well this year somehow Halloween has snuck up on me - yet I'm prepared (mostly) for Christmas (please don't ask me to make sense of myself it's 2:18 and I'm pretty sure I'm up for the day BOO) 
Anyway (in my head that always sounds like Ellen) today I was at Walmart and saw little packs of microwave popcorn 20 packs for $4 and I think that's how we are going to go this year because its too late to order anything and not pay a million dollars for shipping. I don't like anything the dollar store has and I still don't think kids need more candy on Halloween. So I guess that popcorn is at least better, right? 

Humor me please!

Also we had our annual Halloween party. 21 people in 750 square feet of house... That's all I'm saying :-/ 
Actually I think everyone had a great time (people stayed late)

Have you done any Halloween esque stuff?

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