Monday, April 30, 2012

Today, I took a nap

I never nap... Never really been able to let my mind rest midday (minus the time I was an exchange student in costa rica and my brain needed sleep from translating all day) but after the weekend I've had I needed to rest.

A friend got into a fight with her husband and needed a place to stay while they worked it out - I offered up my couch. So Wednesday and Thursday nights I had a guest (ps I still hate people)
Friday after she went home another friend called and offered to sell me her car for a ridiculously low price for a really nice car - duh I said yes!!! Then I went to help another friend with her final paper (on a topic I know NOTHING about) hello brain overload.
Saturday morning came and I cleaned out the remainder of our storage unit (this is where we say body fatigue) then we had guests again who came up for the night to see hunger games (I have a post started on my thoughts of this)
Sunday was outfit shopping for what the hubs is wearing to their beach wedding in Jamaica then left their to go to another friend's house to do our annual after Easter egg hunt and then a late drive home. Which leads to today where I woke up late and took a nap and picked up HUBSTER'S new car (kinda) and took pupster and his BFF for a walk in the woods

+++how was your weekend?+++

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