Friday, April 06, 2012

Friday fun

Thanks to:

When did someone last knock on your door, and who was it?
KR last Wednesday when she came to visit

When did someone last call you on the phone, and who was it?
About an hour ago and it was Joey we were making our plans for tomorrow

When did someone last hand you a business card, and who was it?
Ooh Rick from the car dealership where we MIGHT get a car

When did someone last hand you a pen, magnet, calendar, or other trinket with his or her business info on it, and what was it?
A few weeks ago my realtor came over and she gave me a calendar for the fridge - it's tiny and I love it because it tells you all the holidays

When did you last get info out of a phone book?
Really? Probably on some vacation - ohhh yea I bet you last year when I took a solo vackay to the white mountains and my phone didn't get reception in the room!

+++do you still use phone books?+++

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