Thursday, November 05, 2015

The journey right?

Well 3 hip surgeries in 18 months leave me learning to walk again. I've spent 10 months of the last year and a half on crutches and 3 more months with a cane... This last surgery I decided I would go from crutches to walking no cane no single crutch just walk. Oh and I decided when on my own too! Monday was the day 😍 

I haven't had PT thanks to a blood clot and low blood levels. So I've been trying this on my own. Monday I did short walks of 3 houses down and back 3 times spread throughout the day. Tuesday I got cocky and walked a half mile and the way back was seeing stars. Wednesday I was non-weight bearing and stayed in the house on crutches. Today I started again walking small amounts and I'll continue that way. For now this blog is going to be my record of recovery so I can see how far I've come. Because in the day to day I don't see it but long term it's there!

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