Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How is that possible??

So a while ago I went to see Jillian Michaels. 
I found out we were getting upgraded to VIP seats and I jumped up and down - and promptly fell. Womp womp! I broke my phone...
But I wasn't eligible for an upgrade for 2 more weeks - I figured I'd suffer and survive. Well the two weeks has long come and gone (almost a month ago) but I can't decide what phone to get... Do I get the iPhone 4S because it'll be crazy cheap or the 5 because its the "latest and greatest"
Either way I want this case
Because really, why not have a blinged out brass knuckles esque case right? 

But the moral of this is my current phone is a 32 gig 4 so I went to see how much space I'd need (so I could figure out how much the new phone would cost) and THIS is what I see:
Now really how does one FILL a 32 gig phone? Ohhhh wait it MIGHT have some thing to do with 2461 photos...

Any suggestions on what phone I should get?


Missy said...

WHoa. I bet 2000 of them ate the dog right?


I like my HTC One better than iPhone.

AlwaysJoy said...

Yup!!! At least 2000 are Dobby

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