Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Making cents

"a penny saved is a penny earned"

So not too long ago in a comment section Missy ( ) asked me how I was saving money while we were struggling to save $ to sell the house (and I have to say I can NOT believe how expensive it is to sell a house "right") I have to start off by saying I am not an expert in anything financial so take this as my story not as advice!

So anyway this is what we are doing:

-only buying what is needed and it's amazing how in your 30s there is very little you NEED. we've amassed enough stuff that we don't need new clothes, accessories, household items (again except for what the designer tells me to buy).

-date nights have become stay in nights (and for the most part have become sort and donate/pack/throw away nights) other than the other night which was a food court $5 night and a $3 massage chair. (and we all know how that ended - stolen wallet)

-if you have an item that you always buy (for me it's almond milk) use coupons when you can (and be sure to check on eBay - I recently got a pack of 20 .55 blue diamond almond milk coupons for a dollar and since it is something I will buy it was worth $1 to me) and stock up if it's storable when on sale (ie the almond milk again - on sale $3 a 1/2 gallon and then used the coupon - bought 4 because that is how many I'll use before they expire)

-remember that gas is expensive so try to do all your errands at once and plot out the best route.

-get rid of "stuff" I once read that clutter costs you money and I believe that because it's hard to find things in a cluttered home and life. and remember 1 mans trash is another mans treasure so try selling it on eBay or craigslist or a yardsale before you donate (and when you donate get a tax receipt!!)

-pay your bills on time (late fees are expensive)

-stop or pause extras. This is the hardest for us but it is saving us $. We brought our fios down to the basics and only have it on 1 TV (it's amazing how much you can find on hulu) I cancelled my gym membership (and am using my trainer at home and walking in the woods A LOT (well not currently but that's a post for another day))

-insure your pet! I spend $12.63 a month on pupsters insurance Monday's bill? $700! I had to pay it but will submit it to insurance and should get at least a chunk of it back (they always deny part - but resubmit usually it gets you more) in a couple months time!

And a final 1 that I have always done:

-utilize the library there is so much there. Books, movies, museum passes!

+++how do you save money?+++

1 comment:

Missy said...

I love coupons and had no idea you can get them on eBay!

It is so true how little we need.
I LOVE the library.

I know some people have cancelled cable and just watch Hulu but I can't bring myself to do it.

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