Sunday, May 15, 2011

Do actions speak louder than words

"Act in such a manner as to create no bad feeling" - Abraham Lincoln

First of all, how perfect is the picture of pupster with his version of the stove top pipe hat when speaking of Lincoln?

Yesterday we had a yard sale to purge (that word always brings ED thoughts to me does it to you?) our house of things that don't mean enough to us to move... Whether we buy a 700 sf bungalow (which we saw one and loved) or a 2000 sf townhouse (which we are going to look at Tuesday) hubster and I are only bringing things that we: love, are useful, are pretty to look at, and/or have a positive emotional attachment.

Anyway back to actions... My in laws were kind enough to come over and help me for the day as hubster was working. And over the course of the day my father in law made several comments that hurt my feelings. Things like townhouses are for lazy people, that little bungalow would never be enough and neither of you is handy enough to make it bigger, and while I was showing him what we had done he mentioned that we had too much junk still and we sure had a lot left to do.

And at the end of the day although he had come over to help and his actions were kind his words stung, and a day later I'm still sitting on them. Hubs and I talked about it and are on the same page - we are doing what is right for our little family unit and that is all we need to do. And as for my father in law, well our choices may well not be his BUT many of his are not ours (ie we don't want to live in an urban area). And when he comes to our new home (wherever and whenever that might be) he will be welcomed with open arms, hearts, and a hot cup of coffee and I'm pretty sure he'll forget he ever wasn't all for the move!

+++are you a person who lets words hurt you even when you know the person would never mean to hurt you?+++

(I unfortunately am and I often have to pull myself back and say so and so would never hurt you on purpose so think it through)

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