Friday, May 13, 2011

30 day challenge question 29

"goals for the next 30 days"

**sorry that blogger was down yesterday and my post wouldn't go through until today

I have lots of 30 day goals...
Mainly due to the house going on the market next week and my birthday the week after!

My main goal is to stay sane! I can't really pick now as a go loopy time I need my whits about me as I deal with selling and buying a house!

Another is to continue reconnecting with family members so that when I do move it won't break the shaky foundation we are creating!

Add more healthy ways to care for myself into my life - my hair above is a perfect example... I spent a little extra and got all natural hair color from whole foods. It took longer to do but I feel good knowing I was being good to me.

Work on a very stalled recovery and reach out as I need it! People aren't mind readers and shouldn't have to be! I have a voice :-)

Support my friends - this is self explanatory

Rid my life of things and people which aren't right for me!

Take time every single day to walk the pupster rather than relying on the dog pen.

Wake up every morning and thank hubster and pupster for sharing 1 more day with me.

+++what is a goal you have for the next month?+++


Missy said...

I love those goals! And is that the haircolor you got? Looks great and I have to be cliche..."you're worth it."

Laura said...

your hair looks great!

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