Tuesday, May 10, 2011

30 day challenge question 26

"what kind of person attracts you"

Well since we've already been over physical attributes I am going to assume they mean characteristics...

For me a person is gently honest. Kindly accepting. Fiercely loyal. Unendingly patient. Quietly strong. Proudly quirky. And maybe just maybe (okay definitely) a animal lover!

Those are qualities I admire! And I am so blessed to have many of those people in my life...

And actually yesterday I heard about one of the people I admire... She is currently succeeding in drug/alcohol recovery! To me... That is better than the "piece of paper" I talked about a few posts back! She is making a life for herself and I hope at some point she can let me into it!!

+++so tell which of these qualities do you own?+++

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