Monday, April 07, 2014

All the world is a...


Well at least it is for me. Here it is 3:00am and I'm still wide awake. Why you wonder? Easy, anxiety & pain. And seriously I could easily do without both!

I realize that in the grand scheme of things being stuck on crutches is nothing but at almost 5 weeks in I'M GOING NUTS! And then I feel guilty... I have friends who have lost spouses and fathers and uncles and and and... I have sent out more sympathy cards in the last month than I think in any other time of my life. 

Tomorrow I go for another MRI of my stupid hip (to see if when I fell a couple weeks ago caused damage). And Wednesday is the ortho and really I look forward to them because what else do I do? Sit home and watch dance moms, some ranch show (I like it I think it begins with a b) barry'd treasure and storage wars. Yup that's what my life is reduced to ooh and if I'm not in too much pain I crutch walk down 4 houses and back and that has me huffing and puffing and sweating like I've just run the longest race of my life...

4 walls you can only stick in them so long :-(.

I'm not a very cheery person right now so lets see if I can at least find you a cute pic or 2 on my dying phone
It's the best I've got unless you want a 50000th pic of the poodle... It's a painting I made for my niece - I'm not sure if she actually liked it :-/

Sunday, March 16, 2014

A few more things I've made

And then I think we are caught up ;-)
Quilt for my friends' new baby
Medal and bib holders for friends who ran the NYC 1/2 marathon!
A duct tape wallet for J for our 11th anniversary (he's a dr who geek)
2 minion cakes for a friends' son's second birthday :-)

The last 2 were post surgery - at least I am starting to move again! And there will be more than just past stuff :-/ 

What have you been up to??

Saturday, March 08, 2014

I was also baking cakes

Like a crazy person 
This is obviously pre hip surgery because now my specialty is making a dent in my couch :-/

This was for my friends birthday the inside was purple too 
This was for a friends daughter. It's my take on lalaloopsy.
It was rainbow marble on the bottom and funfetti on top!
Cupcakes for another friends daughter who wanted tie dye frosting - funfetti in the middle. (This is my favorite picture I took of them all)
Chocolate and vanilla groom cupcakes for an engagement party
The bride (all vanilla and I found this on Pinterest - the groom I had to improvise)
The cake that started it all! A gymnastics outfit for a friends 3 year old! 

It's been fun can't wait to be up and making them again.
Hopefully a minion in a couple weeks!


Are you a cake yay or nay? I'm not a fan but I like to bake them

Monday, February 24, 2014

Ohhh my have I been crafty

Lets just agree that Pinterest made me do it 
These 3 were a Christmas present for a Harry potter loving friend... She pinned the accio coffee one onto her "I need"
board and I went from there!

These 3 I got the idea here:
And then just made them my own! 
They went to 3 preschoolers 

J is in love with the Olympic Games so I made him my
(Cheap) version of this (with color appropriate candy or
Cookies that are his favorites):

This was my own punniness at play... Snacks in a mason
  jar  with chewbacca glued to the top with a tag that 
said for when you need a little something to chew on!

This was a get well for my friends daughter who broke
 her arm. I got this idea from here:


This idea I've seen everywhere so I just made my own
For a friend of mine who loves the bruins almost as
Much as she loves shoes!!

And there's a few of them!
I've got tons of cakes to show you too!

Have you been up to anything fun lately?

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Do it yourself fool - pedicure version

So the hippies aren't allowing me to go get manis or pedis (can't stay in one position for too long) so today I decided to give myself the works at home and thought maybe I'd share some of my favorite "recipes" with you.

For the pedicure I soak my feet in a bucket of warm water

It's just a plastic shoebox I got at the dollar store. I put some foot soak in it.
I got the recipe here:
And it's the basic the only difference is instead of essential oils I used red food coloring so I could have pink water! I made a bunch and I just store it in a ziplock

So I soak my feet for about 10 minutes then use the pumice stone and get rid of dead skin. After that I put on some foot scrub.
I made this one:

With this I just make it as I use it. I'm not sure how well it'd store

Then let the ole tootsies dry and slather with lotion. If you're going to paint your toenails (I'm not it hurts to bend and this was already MORE than enough) just remember to wipe off the lotion on your toenails with some nail polish remover. Then put on socks to keep the moisture in your newly soft feet!

Do you DIY pedicures at all? 

Friday, January 31, 2014

A rough week to love the poodle

So this week the poodle was sick :-(
The vet originally thought it was cancer and although that hasn't been 100% ruled out its looking less likely!!

Day 22: how you judge intelligence
I have different standards on this... For other people I judge it on how they take speak and act. For myself my lack of intelligence is the fact that I have no degree :-( whomp whomp

Day 23: a month/year of your life when you were happiest and why
I really like march 2003 AFTER our wedding - we were in Disney for over a week and I was carefree :-)

Day 24: your favorite 10 people right now and why
The dumbest question I've ever seen and has no hope of being answered by me since its only purpose would be to hurt someone you forgot (see look at me showing some smarts right there!)

Day 25: a friend you have lost that you’re better off without/one you wish you had back
I'm not sure who I'm better off without but I know who I wish I had back:
My mom - she was my very best friend :-) I love her to this day and I wish that she could come back even just for an hour.

Day 26: 5 things you’re looking forward to
1. Meeting a friends new baby
2. Summer
3. Poodle snuggles
4. Horse shows
5. Hips good enough to use them

Day 27: a person you wished lived closer and why
2 friends going through a health crisis because I wish I could be there to help them

Day 28: something you makes you really angry
Cancer! It sucks!

What are your weekend plans?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Going back to the ortho tomorrow

I miss walking without pain! 
I miss running
I miss working out a lot!
I missing playing with the poodle 
But here's this weeks questions
Day 15: a song that makes you cry and why
Ohhhh holy hell - mommas shoes. Have you heard that song? It makes me cry like a baby! 
Day 16: someone you trust
The poodle! I trust a lot of people with a part of me but the poodle is the only one I trust with all of my craziness
Day 17: your idol and why you look up to them
My mom! She was never supposed to walk or talk... But her parents didn't give up on her and they made her into an incredible human
Day 18: why you made your blog, why you still have it
Good question. I think I started it because everyone I knew was starting one and I still have it because I'm alone everywhere and this is where I talk to people
Day 19: your thoughts on your family
It's complicated
Day 20: what you think makes someone beautiful
Gentleness kindness love
Day 21: everything you wish for in a significant other
The same as 20 and foot rubbies!!!!

Do you like foot rubs?

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