Thursday, November 12, 2015

2 for 2

I had PT twice this week. Both times I left in more pain than when I went in 😳 so there's been just about no walking because of that. 

My fabulous therapist said I need to call my surgeon and get whatever meds it is I can take while on the meds for the blood clot. There's no point in being in pain... Blah blah blah! She also thinks 2 crutches is a good idea (still not happening)

I could only manage light stretches and the absolute minimum number of bridges, clams and we did add in leg lifts so I guess there's that to be proud of?!?

Ohh and finally my blood is 2.6 so I can stop giving myself shots in the stomach here's to hoping that the swelling will go down!

Poor poodle wants to know why we aren't going out...

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