Monday, May 09, 2011

30 day challenge question 25

"somebody you admire and why"

First of all - how cool is it to have somebody look up to you like that baby looks up to that momma?

I admire so many people! Rather than name a person (cop out alert) I'm going to name a quality...

(or two)

I 100% admire people who have confidence in their bodies/minds/beliefs! ESP when they aren't perfect! However, there is a HUGE difference between being confident and cocky... I like quiet confidence - not someone who has to say "look at me I'm awesome"

I also admire people who fight for what they believe in... Advocates for a cause. Whether a celebrity or a soldier or a civilian putting your "money (life, reputation, whatever) where your mouth is" is an astonishing trait - one I can get behind!

Today, I am painting AKA my least favorite task on the face of this earth! Ohhh yeah and we still have 3 1/2 more rooms to go before next Sunday (not to mention the porches)

+++so what is a quality you admire in someone AND what's a quality you admire in YOURSELF?+++

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Laura said...

you didn't answer your own question - what's a quality you admire in yourself, my friend?

I admire Sojourner Truth. She's one of my heroes. And in myself, I am proud of the fact that I speak out and help others, even if it might be embarrassing.

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