Saturday, May 14, 2011

30 day challenge question 30

"your highs and lows for the last month"

Time in the woods with the pupster is always a high!
Talking to hubster about where I'm at and how we can work together in the house transitioning!
finding out that someone I care very much about is doing well!
Some fun crafts I designed and made.
Donating a bunch of jewelry to homeless women ( they were so excited )
Falling in love with a new home and having it sell before we can do anything
Falling in love with a second place and having it happen again

Hubster's job being an ass (as always)
Pupster hurting himself
Body image
Fear of people
The stress of selling a house (it's expensive so we are even poorer now)

+++so what's your high and low for the month?+++

~~~~~also I have to say I enjoyed this daily challenge a lot. I liked that it gave me something to think about and got me going right away in the morning :-) I couldn't find a book of questions but I did find a great book of thoughts (and there's 365) so I am thinking I will share one of those with you each day and give you a little of how I feel about it or how it fits in my life and then ask you all a question, what do you think?

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Missy said...

That sounds like a great idea.
I love that you and your hubs are so good together.
Hang in there with the $ woes. It allows one to be creative and get closer to what matters.

How have you been cutting costs? I love cutting costs on foods...not as in buying less but sucking it up and buying store brand and also doing without some produce and going with what is on sale.

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