Thursday, February 07, 2013

I walked in late & 30 days thing 21

So for as long as I can remember walking into a building (or room) alone has been painfully scary to me. I used to get together with a group of friends once a month and EVERY month I'd have a panic attack at the thought of walking in, I'd often cry to myself in the car beforehand. Now mind you this was a group OF MY FRIENDS! And I would cry --- as a matter of fact any of you who I've had to come to a party or event or trust me when I tell you there's been drama in my head to get there. Well this week I misread the schedule at my gym and I thought a class started at 5:30 when in fact it started at 5:00. I got to the gym at 5:15 and realized my mistake and was trying to decide why to do with the 45 minutes before the next class when the receptionist said "go in, they started a couple minutes late you'll be fine". Without a shudder or a tear I agreed, put on my spin shoes and jumped in. The instructor greeted me with a hi joy and I grabbed a bike DRAMA FREE. I am so blessed by a warm and welcoming gym that is absolutely perfect for me! The glow of that lasted the whole night esp when I came home and told the hubs I walked in and he jumped up and danced for me :-D

21. If you could have one superpower, what would it be and what would you do with it first?

I would be like the one in twilight (crap I forget whose power this was) who could relax everyone's emotions. I think that would be the best power to have. What would I do first? Hmmmm I don't know I think it would just be great always

what's your choice of super power ?

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Kate B said...

That is awesome Joy! They are always packed at my gym - seems like a great workout!

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