Wednesday, February 27, 2013

30 things day 29

So I think I jinxed myself - it is going to snow/rain today. I was convinced that it was spring and all beautiful weather ahead! Ugh!

So here it is 2:30 AM and I'm still awake. Insomnia is a bitch I tell ya. The hubs and the poodle are in bed snoring (off key I believe) and I'm wandering around thinking and thinking! Ugh. (Spoiler - sleep never came last night)

Anyway I just found the coolest app (well actually I just found two new apps but I'm not sure how I feel about the second one so lets wait a bit on that before I review it shall we?) it's a project runway app. Which is cool because I quite love the show but never seem to remember to take my laptop with me anywhere to watch it on Hulu now I can watch any time (yes as a matter of fact it is the little things)

do you watch project runway?

29. What do you think people misunderstand most about you?

I think most people think that I'm more outgoing than I am. Saying hi to you? You'd not believe the panic attacks that causes. And then I think it over and over again to make sure I didn't sound too stupid. It's almost funny to me. Often I'll say to the hubs "did that sound dumb?" And he's like "umm you said how ya doin'? How can that sound dumb Joy?"
Ironically though I don't worry about sounding stupid when I'm writing a letter I think I figure people are so happy to get a letter that they don't care ;-)

Probably spot on there, huh?

do you replay conversations in your head?

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