Monday, October 01, 2012

30 things day 9

9. List 10 people who have influenced you and describe how

Yikes mike that's a hard one

1- my mother. She taught me that caring is beautiful and unconditional. If my mom loved you she loved you and nothing you said or did changed that

2- my father. He taught me that alcohol makes nasty people even meaner!

3- Alicia - she was the one I never wanted and one of the first people I pray for each night --- I count her as a blessing

4- Hubs - he taught me that good things are worth waiting for!! I loved him a long time before we even dated

5- Mimi baby - she taught me that there's NOTHING better than being greeted with an enthusiastic hello. Yup even when I met her in a store aisle OF A STORE I DROVE HER TO

6- smitty - she taught me that blood ain't nothin but DNA - she was as much my grandmother as the others. And as much a sister to Mimi as any blood could be

7- Ma - she taught me that love comes many different ways. My beautiful godmother has 7 kids and no time for crap but always time for me.

8- K - she taught me to purge...I learned far too well. K was a person I was ip with. Before that I had never purged... Probably shouldn't have asked, huh?

9- Mary - she taught me never to give up. Mary is in her 50s and fights anorexia every single day. She still believes she will recover, she believes I will too

10 -Laura - she taught me that friends can stick in through the crap! She also lets me ask any question which is a good "feature"

so who has influenced you? What'd you learn


Laura said...

Love you! And of course you can ask any question you want. At worst I'll either say I don't know or that I can't answer.

Anonymous said...

Hugs! I believe you will recover too! Have trust in yourself and keep fighting. THERE IS a better life out there for you, I promise.

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