Saturday, October 20, 2012

Life's a journey not a destination

Thunder and lightning!
Gah, I hate them :-(

I woke up as hubs came to bed, so around 11:45. I tried to go back to sleep but... Thunder and lightning. I wasn't always afraid, as a kid I'd make fun of my godmother for being scared. Now I'm right there with her.

Anyway... Since I've been up now for hours (5 at the point). And I only got 1 hour of sleep I figured I'd do something brainless. Crochet! An easy crochet fit my needs this morning. I was fully intending on making something with the fun blue fun fur I have but then I saw the cowl. I started it last week and have a dozen or so hours into it, but at no point in its creation was I excited about it.

Slowly I started to "frog" (unravel) it without any thought of what I was doing, about halfway through I realized that I was calm - hands no longer shaking, heart no longer pounding, just breathing. Perhaps THIS is why I started a cowl, so I could take it out when I needed a destress? If so! It's done it's job, my eyes are heavy, my heart is peaceful. I may take a nap.

OR I may start a scarf, for my godmother I've probably got a little atoning to do!

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