Friday, October 19, 2012

It's Friday I need to fill in

As always (why yes i do mean always) courtesy of: Friday fill ins

1. I hope I can get everything done and also back on track (I've sort just stopped need to get on that)
2. What to do when you have a party coming up? Scrub the back porch (understand this will take 5 hours), go to Home Depot, buy stain with mildew inhibitors, and stain the deck and pray it will be fully dry before the party (seriously though don't do this it's just what I do because we'll I'm joy but look at the difference between dirty - clean - stained).
3. Boy I sure did enjoy spending time with A yesterday we ran errands!!!.
4. Remind me to call my therapist (my current one, a new one? I don't know) I'm a bit out of control lately I want EVERYTHING done and NOW
5. What does the ok so this doesn't really make sense with the start of this sentence but follow along what does the car insurance people think is okay about raising my insurance 25% because of "not last winter the one before" where neither hubs or I had an accident but apparently most of the world did due to lots of snow. And best of all her reply when I questioned it? Well if the current trend continues it'll go down next year
6. It makes me annoyed to think about it SO LETS NOT.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to this is a crazy busy day I'm getting my hair cut (first time in 2012), picking up a futon (we have guests coming for a week on Wednesday and they need a place to sleep (in my 750 square foot house lordhelpmetheresgonnabe5peopleinthistinyness) and babysitting my niece I've promised her we will carve pumpkin tomorrow my plans include going to yoga and spin, helping a friend organize her closets, ohhh lets not forget i need to clean my own house (see above smallness add in my ocdness and know its easy), cook and decorate for a halloween party at 6, and then host a halloween party - where im wearing a toga (im cheap and it cost $10) and Sunday, I want to rest but instead I will be... Going to a fundraiser at the gym (a boot camp class at 5:45 am) then heading to horse judging training from 8-4 then home and crashing!!!



The Liebers said...

Sounds like you've been busy! Hope your company-time goes well! You can see my Friday Fill In answers here! Have a great weekend!

Roben-Marie said...

Oh, dear! I am exhausted just reading your fill-ins! #4 really made me laugh! Cheers, RM :)

Melissa said...

Enjoy your weekend! I don't have a whole lot planned for this weekend, which is nice.

<3 Melissa

Anonymous said...

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