Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Just the other day

I took the poodle and his friend Max for a romp in the woods - now you MIGHT call it a walk but please look at my dog, he rarely has two feet down at once it was definitely more of a romp or dance in the woods. It's funny to me that he and Max can go months without seeing one another and pick up like they never left off! <b>do you have friends like that?</b>

I do. I have a friend Kerri whom I have often gone months or a year without talking to but when we text or bump into one another its as if we last talked yesterday. This was one of those weeks where everything I touched went wrong and panic attacks were frequent. I sent her a text saying that and she was like "oh Joy, give it up the world isn't ending today take the poodle for a walk and get normal again" and you know what's funny? If pretty much anyone else had said that to me I'd have been pissed but she's known (and loved) me since the day I was born - I was her Barbie doll! So I took her advice I took poodster (and Max) out and although I'm not normal I was at least able to sleep last night!

<b>score for friends

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