Monday, October 15, 2012

I suck at commitment

Now I get that this is an odd thing for a married person to say. Especially someone who has been married for 9 years! But let's look at the blog:

-Still owe a post on ode to Gregory
-Haven't finished the 30 days even though I'm pretty sure we are almost two months in!

I am however two weeks in to a monthlong challenge

October yoga challenge

And I'm loving it! I have had a day where I thought to myself eh I'd rather not --- but remembering that I've committed to it has propelled me there each time!

I had wanted to do three times a week which is EXACTLY the number of times a week my gym offers yoga! Soooooo 1+1=2 and I'm going to each! Pretty amazing right?

(In case you're wondering no the poodle has nothing to do with this BIT I love this picture and wanted to share it)

are you good at commitment?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

aww your poodle is so cute!

hurray for keeping up with yoga!! I try to do that once or twice a week, but even that is hard for me! The gym is closer, and I can gym with the Boy so sometimes I do a faster, easy workout there instead! love have a little bit of both though.

happy thursday, Joy! and thanks for the blender rec! ive had a couple people recommend the Ninja on facebook! :)

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