Thursday, October 04, 2012

30 things day 10

10. Describe your most embarrasing moment.

My MOST embarrassing moment, huh? I am a living walking embarrassing moment.
The one that is standing out in my head is from when I was 19. I was at a pretty major horse show with my sweet old nag... It was a three day event. I fell off on the first day - but landed on my feet, I curtsied and went on with my day. Well early the next morning I fell again, I landed squarely on my back and knocked the breath out of me. A ton of help from the EMTs & I was back on my way.
AGAIN the third day I fell of my horse and she landed on my arm. I broke my humorous (no it wasn't funny). After a quick ambulance ride to the ERi was ok --- side note they found both my ankle had hairline fractures (and really I am blaming that on why I fell the other two times).
The worst part of all this is that closing ceremonies they were awarding me an trophy for years of good riding (I had to hobble down to get it)

At the time I was mortified. Now I look back and think how silly it all was!

I'm sure that there are about a million other dumb Joy stories but this is the one that stuck out tonight!

I hope you're having a great evening I am off to hit the hay (get it? Horse show, hay!!! I slay me)

tell me about an embarrassing moment you've survived

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Laura said...

Fourth grade. Called to the blackboard to write an answer. Everyone starts giggling. I had a big hole in my pants and my underwear was showing. I still remember how horrified I was.

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