Tuesday, September 25, 2012

30 things day 8

8. What are 5 passions you have?

I am a pretty passionate person (blame the OCD - whatever I'm in the middle of it's the ONLY thing that exists)

1- the poodle. Making him happy makes me happy
2- decluttering, I love to get rid of stuff
3- helping others. Whether its family (babysitting) or volunteering or listening to a friend
4- the homeless... So I feel like this sounds like a silly one but I really try to make homeless people know that I consider them people and not "annoyances"
5- animal rights, when I see people being mean to an animal or bad mouthing them (pits in particular) I get so MAD!!! I would lay down and die for my pood and I feel like all animals deserve that!
Extra one - the woods and environment DO NOT let me see you litter I will yell
Look at the face of the poodle in here - he literally grinned the whole walk through today :-)

tell me something you're passionate about!


Biz said...

I hate litter too - I once drove in a car with a co-worker - his ashtray was filled with about 100 cigarette butts (gross!) and he just opened his window and threw them in the alley as we drove - wtf?!

I made him get out and pick up each and every one!

Hope you are having a great week!

AlwaysJoy said...

Love that

Laura said...

those are great passions!

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