Thursday, September 06, 2012

Friday fill in EARLY we go!

1. I am tired just flipping tired.
2. It seems I will be babysitting every day for a while and mostly I love it but see above
3. the poodle makes me laugh. ON A DAILY BASIS
4. Did you know that many service dogs are at least part pit bull (yes this is random but also true)?
5. I looked more closely and I saw that I often worry too much.
6. I'm so glad someone I love is getting the help she needs
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to hitting the gym tomorrow my plans include babysitting and going to a yard sale at a church where I rented space before I knew I'd have the boys and Sunday, I want to have a day off but I have my boys again but I guess the good part is that I will be done giving the poodle meds (did I not mention that after spending 8+ hours in the er with A I came home to a poodle choking and had to rush him to the dog er where we were for a couple hours (see #1))!

what are your weekend plans???

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Biz said...

I ran my 5k today! You would think I'd be tired, but it gave me a ton of energy today. I came home, did a fourth repair on our roof (fingers crossed 4th time is a charm!).

Meal planned, grocery shopped, cooked all my SIL's meals for the week and just light the grill to make a roast and scalloped potatoes are in the oven.

I should run more often! Enjoy your garage sale!

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