Sunday, September 09, 2012

30 things day 1

List 20 random facts about yourself.

1. I'm an iPhone addict and if I can't do it on my phone I'm not interested
2. I love crafting
3. I live in a black and white world
4. I can go with the flow but it makes me seethe inside
5. I drive my husband crazy
6. In real life when referring to the poodle I call him the poodle (not by his name)
7. I love to give gifts with meaning
8. I say yes to commitments and then am annoyed by them
9. I love apple and peach picking
10. I think henna is beautiful
11. When I got my real tattoo I told the guy I wanted henna colored he thought I was nuts
12. I'm pretty sure I've done permanent damage to my stomach and intestines
13. I have three friends who I consider my sisters... Ironically one of them OFTEN drives me crazy
14. I'm dreading going to my new doc but one of my "sisters" is coming with me
15. I get SO tired so easy
16. My dog is a pain often (still love him)
17. My husband is sweeping the floor (probably for the first time)
18. I like animals more than people
19. Frogs and snakes do NOT quailfy as animals!
20. I'm going to the red sox game today

tell me a few random things about you


Anonymous said...

1)love red sox! :D

2) I am with you on #8 ! My boy has taught me to quit deciding early..and wait until I see how im feeling! ...he plans social events at the last minute and I like it that way a lot better!

3)ive never been peach picking! but I want to! :D

4) i love henna!

happy week to you, Joy!

Laura said...

1. I know what my next two tattoos are.
2. Listening to a conversation about a pig tissue box.
3. I'm very tired.

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