Sunday, September 02, 2012

What a crazy busy week

Last weekend I was at the fair!
This weekend I'm in Maine - how'd I get from there to here?
A few laughs
A few tears
A heck of a lot of craziness (and for once it wasn't me)

Some highlights
- they added an alumni class at the end of the weekend and I rode a cute little pony
- a hella lot of family drama happened and I breathed deep and took my butt to yoga and managed to not hurt myself in the process (score)
- my little nephew started 1st grade on Tuesday and celebrated his 7th birthday Wednesday
- I went to ikea on Thursday and managed to "only" spend $105 (which for ikea is impressive)
- Friday I babysat two boys and pack for a weekend away
- Saturday required sitting in traffic for hours with kidneys that are killing me
And today and tomorrow will be great walks, fun movies and time on the ocean...

+++what are you doing for labor day weekend?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

1) that dog is TOO CUTE! I love all of the pictures you post of him!! :)

2) yoga! woot woot! sounds like a good way to get rid of some anxiety!

3) sorry your kidneys have been causing you pain! That sounds rough ;(

wishing you a great week, Joy!

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