Sunday, July 01, 2012

Wedding day

Yesterday was the day we came down here for! Hubs was best man in his good friends wedding. A wedding on the beach? Don't mind if I do thankyouverymuch!

Every one was up bright and early. We met at the spa at 7:00 to get our hair done! 3 hair dressers, 7 ladies means fast! We had mimosas while we got done up. I took about 700 million pictures! The bride is a love who NOT ONCE threatened to kill me!

The wedding (with steel drums! On the beach!!!) was gorgeous and the reception (did I mention on the Caribbean sea??? Like feet from it) was fabulous!

We were finished by around 3:00 and I jumped out of my dress and headed I the gym for a good workout (all the sitting - hair, wedding, reception had left my joints sore and my legs swollen a quick workout was just what i needed). I have to say I felt a bit bad ass looking at myself in the mirror sweating it up on the elliptical with my hair all gorgeous!

Just as I finished the WORST thunder and lightning storm hit. I was shaking in my flip flops - every. single. car alarm went off! Two hours later it was as if it never happened :-) amazing! Blue skies and happy seas!

The rest of the night was spent hanging out looking at photos. We are definitely getting tired 8-0

Photos of the day!

+++do you notice that as your vacations go on you slow down?+++

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful wedding!! I have loved all of your pics from this vacation! (I commented a really long comment yesterday, but it was deleted because I wasnt "signed into wordpress", and then I was too lazy to retype it!)

How fun that you got braids done as well! I have always wanted to do that!!

Looks like an amazing time!

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