Monday, July 02, 2012

80. 30. 50.

Today is a half travel day
We opted to spend a day in Miami before flying all the way home... So more to come tomorrow 8-0

But today's title is in reference to the speed limit signs on the ride to the airport. However apparently 80/50/30 km/h are exactly the same speed!

Now let's rewind to yesterday! It's actually amazing to me how much you can do in a day!

Another bright and early morning for our group. The bride and groom had planned a glass bottomed boat cruise for us. Hubs and I got up bright and early combing for shells (wait until you see the craft idea(s) I have coming up for those!) while we waited for our boat. Must mention here that hubs phone went swimming - anyone got any ideas on how to bring an iPhone back to life?

The boat ride was amazing! We saw tons of fish and coral and a sunken boat! And the views of the island from the boat of the island were stunning!

After we finished hubs and the groom went snorkeling, the bride and her family went off and did their thing. I went and did a little last minute shopping. I bought liquor!! Oh wait, have I mentioned that I drank on vacation? I don't drink for a few reasons - some moral some medical. Pretty sure I'll "forget" to tell my doc that part!

Next up was another day at the water park.

And then home to our hotel for a circus!!!

What a day!!!

Pics of:
The glass bottom boat
Hubs and I
The fire twillers at the circus
And me "resting"

+++do you allow yourself some slack on vacations?+++

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