Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The not wordless Wednesday

So I left off hitting my groove! I was going to conquer the world

What's that you say?

The "was" what's up with the was? Well hubs bought me a new blender.

My old blender (probably 5 years old and bought at target for $20) was dying... A slow and painful death. The kicker was that it no longer chopped ice or frozen fruit it truly was just a VERY low powered stirrer.

I try to have a green monster each morning (some days the green is green tea ice cubes in rice milk but it's a trial) but my blender said no more. So... Hubs went out and bought me a ninja! Hiya!! This one here:;jsessionid=B471BA3BB69FD485FB6133690418646D#ip/Ninja-Frozen-Treat-and-Drink-Maker/19855960
But in orange! It is amazing!!!!!!
So the first thing I decided to make was a rice milk, pomegranate seltzer water, star fruit, romaine lettuce smoothie (with a dropper of nu naturals orange stevia seriously this is the best stuff ever! I won some in a blog giveaway and have even opened my Splenda in months! It is 100% worth 12 a bottle here's a link - check it out!) well in about 30 seconds it was perfectly smooth. I had a few sips and my face started to burn. I have enough allergies to know that this is bad. I grabbed my benedryl and put aside the drink and guzzled benedryl instead. Long story short it got worse and worse and I ended up in the ER.

While in the emergency room I learned a couple things:
1- renal patients (ie me) should never eat star fruit it hurts your kidneys!
2- I am really allergic to star fruit
3- I'm an idiot for having an expired epi pen

A few hours and many meds later I was home way worse for wear. I'm on a histamine blocker and prednisone , and am prescribed bed rest and no sun or socialization (my immune system is compromised and my already osteo bones are even more fragile) so here I sit...

Pity party
I need balloons
Fortunately I'm exhausted so it isn't as bad as it could be, right? Right!

This is where I tell you it's not my hubs fault! But poor guy is blaming himself! Damn star fruit!

+++do you have allergies?+++

*heres a flower photo I love! Yes I know it's not relevant (unless yours allergic)

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Laura said...

wish I'd read this sooner, I'd have sent balloons! I hope you feel better.

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