Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A to Z

So janetha did an a to z post
She got the idea from Abby
Who got it from dorry
Of things she enjoyed in life - I thought I could jump on the band wagon!

A- aunty I love being an aunt to little ones and big!
B- beaches - specifically the ones of Jamaica
C- Christmas cactus --- I have one that was my mom's and I love that it isn't dead :-)
D- decluttering my house and calming my soul
E- evenings with the hubs
F- friends - I swear friends are the best!!!
G- garden I am so proud of my garden, it's fun to pick stuff I've grown
H- house I love my little place of serenity on earth
I- iPhone for sure!!!
J- jumping rope (ESP with little kids because they sing songs while you jump)
K- kisses
L- libraries I love the smell of the books and the way that you've moved back a # of years every time you step in
M- Massachusetts - there really is no place like home
N- neighbors I have great neighbors and live in a cute neighborhood
O- orange juice
P- poodles poodles poodles! Mine in particular
Q- quilts I made a quilt that I love and I had a yoga/meditation mat made out of my moms clothes in a quilt style and I love it!
R- rabbits - I love our bunny brother
S- slushies, I adore them
T- tea, seriously the best thing ever
U- umbrellas I love walking in warm rain without getting wet
V- vets I love my dogs vet! She is fabulous and is always there for me
W- walking... On the street, in the woods, on a treadmill if need be
X- eXact change!
Y- yoga! 3 times a week to fix my body and my mind!
Z- zoos I love going to the zoo

+++tell me a few simple things that you like?+++

1 comment:

Biz said...

I love library's and book stores too. Hope you are enjoying your summer! Hugs, Biz

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