Sunday, July 22, 2012

Things I learned from my garden

This morning I was up early and in my garden as the sun was rising. My little spot needed some tlc the weeds were invading.

My mind was more zen than it has been since I got home from Jamaica!!

Pull, toss, reach, pull, toss...

First, I cleared out the grass.

Then I looked over and decided that my plants needed room to grow (LESSON) so I took a few minutes and decided which I was going to pull, because if it couldn't offer benefit to the garden or my family then I didn't need to keep them around (LESSON) and could let them reach their potential in other ways aka feeding my bunny (LESSON)

The irony of being a person who keeps toxic people in her life didn't escape me. So as I pulled broccoli that wasn't growing and pepper plants that had no peppers or flowers and gave them to brother (bunny) I gave myself permission to look over my garden of flowers and set people aside who also have better places...

Thanks garden! For a bunch of tomatoes, 12 cups of parsley (made Parmesan parsley rice for my in laws and for helping ME GROW!

+++do you garden? What's your garden taught you?+++


Laura said...

love this post.

Anonymous said...

<3 this post!! and home-grown garden tomatoes are the BEST!! my mom has been giving me her garden's kale and peas! :D lovin it!

also glad to hear you are feeling more peace! remember that feeling! :)

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