Wednesday, January 30, 2013

30 things day 19

19. If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?

Well that's a weird question! I don't know - I haven't been everywhere. Of the places I've been I most did not want to leave Jamaica - it was warm and beautiful. I'd probably (maybe?) miss the seasons though. I dream of retiring to Lincoln NH and opening a very small scale B and B so I guess I'd say Lincoln. You know- with a vacation home in Jamaica (and a private jet).

So.... Onto real life, I have a friend (who oft drives me nuts haha) but Monday she checked in to be sure I'm ok. Asked me if I wanted to reminisce about mom and was basically just available to me all day even though she had a pretty significant event going on in her own life (she bought a new car!!!!! And had all the fun/stress that goes along with it) she makes me want to be a better person\friend. And she reminded me to send a balloon up to momma. Sweet huh? She worked hard to make a sad day a nice one!

Well I'm off to bake muffins Lola (the corolla) is getting an oil change today and I love the guys at my mechanic and they love when I bake for them!

so where do you want to live?


Anonymous said...

awww that's so cute that you bake for the car guys!! i love to bake as much as I can!

and that friend sounds very sweet... I think sending up a balloon is a great way to celebrate someone's life. at the assisted living building where I work, they recently did a balloon release for all of the residents we lost in the last few months, and (I couldn't attend because I was working at a different job) apparently it was really special.

many hugs to you!

also i really want to visit Jamaica! :D well anywhere tropical/ Caribbean

Laura said...

what a sweet post! I'd live in Hawaii. or maybe London. Though I really like Kansas City!

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