Thursday, January 10, 2013

14 years in the blink of an eye

I am a very blessed human being. My sisters all gave birth to humans who I can consider some of my best friends.
Well 14 years ago today one of those humans gave birth to yet another human and made me a great aunt! She was young, I was young, my sister was young to be a grandmother but we were also very very lucky.
Without the birth of Alicia (poor kid has more names than the poodle - she answers to: Alicia, Alicia Bella, jabell, Ali-oops, Bella, and so much more) the hubs and I? Never would have happened!
I was fortunate, little girl lived right next door to me and graced me with her kindness and love frequently. She taught me how to eat my words (I wasn't all too excited to meet her; stark contrast to now when I'm counting down the minutes until I see her tonight at her birthday party). I got the honor of teaching her to read. Her first word was life... I cried :-)
She has grown as have I. But she will ALWAYS be my baby girl!
Happy birthday jabell! I love you so very much. And Chris? You make good humans!
Love you both and see you in T - 5 hours 25 minutes

are you an aunt? Isn't it the greatest "job" ever?

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