Monday, January 28, 2013

Still missing

This morning I got up (as I do every morning) at some ungodly hour (today 2 AM) and settled down to crochet. The hubs and poodle will be asleep for hours to come (yes as a matter of fact I am jealous that they can sleep through the night when I get 2 or 3 hours before the brain turns on).

Today, however, is NOT the same as every other day. It is the five year anniversary of my mom's passing. It's weird, I still wait for her to come home. I'd do pretty much anything to hear her off-key singing. To have another hug.

I am shocked that I'm not better (or dead - I've "played" with my body way too much).

Today I will:
Walk with poodle
Go to therapy
And get a good sweat on
I will clean my house
And I will breathe

But it's so weird that I really still don't feel like I live without her.

Here's some pics from my old blog when I posted about her dying

and really hug your loved ones today! I know I will

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Laura said...

love you.

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