Monday, November 19, 2012

You'll know at the finish line

So, after last weekend's rebel race I signed up for this weekend's spartan race at Fenway. I mean it was an obvious choice for me... There was: Fenway, a race, and the biggest loser - why yes pretty much every perfect thing for this Joy!

Well we'd had a fun night the night before at Foxwoods (where the hubs walked away $7 richer) and left Connecticut at 8:00 to make it to Boston by 9:45 (start was at 10:15) and all was great - he started to drop me off, I kissed him goodbye and hubs was on his way to get the poodle (who stayed at aunty m's house) when he looked in the rear view and saw a wife with sloping shoulders. I was nervous to go alone :-/

Quickly he found a parking space and signed up and we raced together! Over the rafters of Fenway, jumping on and off the metal tables, crawling under ramps, and running on the field. It was AWESOME!!!! Hubs took something I was dreading and made it into an event! Something we succeeded at together!

We survived

We are Spartans!

What a great race (though SERIOUSLY tougher than the rebel race and insanely exhausting)

And now I'm off to ikea, I'm looking for 1 more little storage unit.

How was your weekend?


living2thetruth said...

Hey! Thanks for commenting! It's nice to 'meet' you too! Ed's are so frustrating aren't they? I really believe that once we want to fully live and be free, Ed tries everything to keep us in the disorder... Hence maintaing a life with Ed behaviors or half assed recovery. I know for me fear is what's holding me back but I am at a point where I'm going to trust and let go completely. I do not want to live feeling like I'm walking around dead. I want to have things on my mind other than food. I do believe in 100% recovery... Recovery where Ed rhoughts don't flood our heads everyday.

Anonymous said...

oh man! I love Fenway!! my friends took me there my last night in Boston before I moved FAR away. It was a great way to wrap up 13 years of growing up there!! Boston will always hold a special place in my heart!!

and the hubs sounds so fabulous! any thing that I'm doing with my boy is always fun :) even LAUNDRY! we laugh sooo much together!

hope you are having a great week, Joy! many hugs!

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