Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Monday but its Tuesday

I lost a day! After such a busy weekend I spent yesterday working out and hiking with the poodle :-) basically my definition of the perfect day!

So the race was amazing! Amazing! The hubs had a great first race and I SHOCKED myself and attempted every obstacle and finished all but maybe 5 feet of one... Hanging from a rope upside down over a ravine and climbing across 50 feet isn't easy... I made it ALMOST to the end.

But the monkey bars = done and done, climbing a 20' wall = cake walk, crawling under barbed wire = actually rather exhilarating, mud = still nasty but I survived!

And amazingly I was tired the next day but not at all sore. I have to thank all the classes I take at the gym I think :-) though I have bruises that have bruises!

And as we finished I signed up for another obstacle race next weekend! I had to do it! It's at Fenway park aka one of my favorite places on earth.

Ohhh and I came in 728 out of 1380 not too too bad

Do you obstacle race? Wanna?

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