Thursday, November 22, 2012


This morning I woke up ready to run. The poodle and I stayed home - hubs had gone up to his sister's home for thanksgiving. But poodle and I had plans :-) we were running our first race together! I was SO proud of him :-) he was PERFECT. I know I know I always say he is but he is!

Anyway we left bright and early and got there just in time for the race (literally a minute to spare - there was a 40 minute detour). The poodle is a faithful running partner. He led me to a FIVE MINUTE personal record. I am so grateful to him!!! And I've showered him with love and kisses all day! And I've had his girlfriend come over to play and let him sleep the rest of the (I'm his hero)

So seeing as its thanksgiving I'll tell you --

I am thankful for:

A poodle who is everything a doggy momma could want (and more)

A husband who gets that I have no desire to spend an eating holiday with anyone and I'd rather hang at home

Friends who love me and whom I love

The fact that I finished most of my wrapping today :-)

That let me avoid the Black Friday shopping madness and I could order hubs' birthday gift online today and can pick it up Sunday (his b'day) at the store

The little house

<b>what are you grateful for today?

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Laura said...

I am thankful for my friends, for the passage of time and for hope.

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