Sunday, November 04, 2012

What'd you do with your extra hour?

Did you sleep?

Can I live vicariously through you?

Because my insomnia kicked in BIG time and I got a whopping 15 minutes of sleep last night...
You know what happens when you're wide awake all night?
Well when it's me silly things like

I decide I NEED a pair of jimmy choo shoes... Ummm why? Because I'm not even sure how I know who jimmy choo is!

I decide to write a book - AND I wake the hubs up to see if he wants to cowrite it with me! He agrees (pretty sure it's just to shut me up)

I buy (no not shoes) more iPhone cases (damn I have a problem) in my defense I buy them on eBay for CHEAP

I decide I'm going to build the hubs a cute shed for Christmas (can I mention I've never even cut a piece of wood?)

I pick up the (50 pound) poodle and lay him on my chest

I find fun things on Pinterest and make a shopping list for said item (don't you worry you'll see it soon)

I search for and find distance therapists and email a couple to see about distance therapy rather than one on one...


yes this is totally a non relevant picture of the poodle but I could tie it in by telling you that the book I want to write is called "is that a poodle? with a Mohawk?" It's about the people we meet walking the pood

really though, what'd you do with your hour?


Anonymous said...

my extra hour is working!! not really sleeping! oof! i have a client today since I did stuff with the Boy's family on Saturday, so yeahhhhhhhhh BLAH!

sorry bout the insomnia though! that isn't fun! and one-on-one talk therapy was a huge help for me! I'd highly recommend it. Just know that somtimes it takes time to a) find someone GOOD, and b) find someone you have a connection with.

Lorena Pizzo said...

I follow you and I hope you will reciprocate...

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