Friday, November 16, 2012

A friday fill in worth fighting for

So I do ALL my blog posts from my phone (hell I do everything from my phone) and the latest upgrade is... a glitch! I cant open it le sigh.

But I do so love my friday fill ins so I stole the hubs lap top (I left mine at a friend's house)
Fill ins is the brain child of Janet Thanks for letting us all play along

 1. If you believe in something fight for it, work for it, and believe in it!!
2.  My nephew Aaron is so fun, when we go through tunnels you will here him singing la la la
3. I have to ask you What's a good book I should read (must have a happy ending).
4.  We all have vices; and at the same time we all have good habits.
5. I didn't have time to finish an order I sold on Etsy - fortunately I have until Monday to ship it.
6.  Walking in the woods with the poodle is something I love beyond all reason.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to Hanging in, doing Friday fill ins while cuddling under an electric blanket, tomorrow my plans include Dropping the poodle off at a friend's house, cleaning my own house, and heading down to foxwoods with some friends and Sunday, I want to go to the SPARTAN race at Fenway!!! Why yes yes I am excited! Then we will pick up sir poodle and get ready for the week

What are your weekend plans? And really got any book recommends for me? I'm currently half way through the help


Kwizgiver said...

Sounds like a really fun weekend! And I would recommend The Night Circus, one of the best books I've read this year.

Anonymous said...

the poodle :-) Love that!

Walking in the woods with my dog is also something I absolutely adore! Or the beach in the off season :-) Thanks for playing!

AlwaysJoy said...

I just requested it at the library, thanks

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