Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday fillins - I'm an animal

This super fun friday 5 with an animal theme is courtesy of

What’s something you otter be doing right now?
Putting the clothes in the dryer OR (ok maybe and) shaving my legs because I'm going to acupuncture today!!!

What’s something for which you are lion in wait?
The results if pupsters going to be ok AND giving people Christmas presents!

When did you last have reason to feel sheepish?
Ummm most of my life I feel sheepish - how about yesterday when I lost my wallet...

What’s something toucan do better than one?
Dance, yo! I have this fantasy of being a couple who dances together in the kitchen - the flaw? I just laugh

What’s something you have recently been forced to grin and bear?
That there are certain family members who will never change! And if it's not about them then...

+++do you have people in your life who only have time for you when they need your help? Other than that they can't be bothered to give you the time of day? (and Laura don't you be saying me!!! Xo)+++


Laura said...

I would never say that! Hurumph! You're always there when I need you!

Laura said...

and btw - there are people I would say that about, but not you.

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