Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bsi - breakfast

So... There's nothing I like more than joining in on something without having to leave the safety of my own home. It's like the best of both worlds - I'm being social WITHOUT having to go out and seeeeeeeeee people. Love!

Well this weeks bsi created by the lovely biz @ theme was breakfast I can do breakfast right???? Sure....

So here's my (long winded) submission

You start by creating candied orange peels which I got the idea for from the amazing Julie @
Who linked me to the recipe @ now Jennifer mentions that the syrup is good on pancakes!

Since hubster loves pancakes I decided if make him some!

So step 1 make candied oranges and set oranges aside but save out syrup.

Step 2 mix ingredients for pancakes (I used an all in 1 so I only added water)

Step 3 cook pancakes

Step 4 (and this step is COMPLETELY optional if you are a better cook than I OR if noises don't bother you) take batteries out of smoke alarm because it will NOT stop going off no matter how many windows you open and how much you fan it!

Step 5 in now silent house serve (slightly burned) pancakes topped with the delicious syrup you made in step 1

Kiss hubster tell him you tried and go off to blog it!

+++do you like pancakes? Do you like burned food (if so come over I'm happy to make you some)+++

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Biz said...

Dammit - I missed this!! Sorry Joy!

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