Monday, August 13, 2012

Somebody that I used to know

This weekend my niece got married.

Let me say that again... My baby niece, who taught me I could love someone to the point that I'd forget about myself before she was even 2 hours old, got married.

Her wedding was SO her! She got married barefoot in the town park and walked back home with her (omg my niece got married) husband! Their reception was a pasta social created by the ladies at her church :-). She asked me to make zucchini bread and I did! 12 loaves!! The flowers were all in mason jars and positively charming.

But aside from seeing my beautiful niece get married (did I mention that already?) I saw people that I haven't seen in years!

I was on the slide (yes in my dress) with my nieces and nephews when across the monkey bars and swings I saw the man who played piano at my wedding. "the man who played piano at my wedding" does not describe Bill! Bill's hug has always to me been a sanctuary. Somehow I forgot in the turmoil of time that THAT sanctuary was still there, still there for me! I hugged him I hugged his beautiful wife, I chatted with his fabulous daughter and I breathed. Not the breathing you do to stay alive but the breathing you do because you are alive (body, mind and spirit).

As I stood with that wonderful family I saw him, this him being my father. A man who I haven't seen in a couple of years, a man who people I've met in those last two years assume is dead. He is, to me anyway. And as I stood there breathing in love and contentment I realized something: my father is nothing to me anymore - I wish him no ill will nor do I hope to reunite, he is just well "somebody that I used to know" I've moved on.

And well Bill's family and I? We've promised to keep better in touch and I've said I'll trek to Syracuse to visit them :-) because they are so much more than people I used to know!

do you have people in your life who just knowing their out there makes your world a better place? Tell me about them...

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