Monday, August 20, 2012

Silly little side notes

1. This weekend we cleared everything out of our PACKED shed... When I say packed I mean it - remember we went from big to leetle and from keepers to donaters. I'm pretty sure that hubs, A (nephews wife) and I all worked our butts off!

2. In said shed I found a box of stuff (well I found many boxes of stuff) but this one had all the stuff that I've been looking for the whole last year... Some examples: my birth certificate, marriage certificate, audio recording of moms voice, hundreds of dollars of gift cards, etc

3. It's fun having kids around sometimes - two boys can entertain themselves for hours with anything. Example 2 sponges... 6 year old called them tasers and they were playing cops and robbers. When 6 year old tasers 3 year old, 3 year old replies "you can't kill me I'm a zombie"

4- speaking of zombies hubs and I split up for Friday night. Thanks to the magic of gold star pricing he got to go see a zombie play (totally nothing I'd enjoy) with 3 of his friends and I went to mass hysteria with A. I'm sticking with I had a better time (A and I laughed until it literally hurt) but he came home with a goodie bag and a kazoo (3 year old said thanks)

5- I went to a yard sale this weekend but it wasn't your "typical" yard sale. The woman was clearing our her store and her store was Wiccan and full of crystals and books etc. I came home with a few cool gifts!

6- I made hubs the coolest take on tabbouleh last night. No bulgar so I used orzo, no olive oil so I used Italian dressing. But it had in it from my garden mint (orange mint technically), parsley, grape tomatoes, and cucumbers

+++what's you do this weekend? Are you a keeper or a donater?

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