Thursday, August 02, 2012

Random but true

Here's a post of randomness none of which could be a whole post on its own.

-I'm dog sitting. I think what might be the worlds worst dog. The first thing she did in my house was to take a book from 1882 OFF THE SHELF and shred it.

-I'm dying to finish part 2 of ode to Gregory but can't because I've got all this dogs stuff everywhere and my dog is moved into the office (because the other dog is toy/treat/food aggressive so they can't be together)

-I mowed my lawn yesterday - its my most hated chore :-(

-I have 2 horse shows this month. 1 of which I am designing the trail class for. And I REALLY want to hand draw it (because I think it's cuter) but I doubt they'll let me.

-I brought cupcakes to the vet yesterday.

-I have two weddings on August 11 and one of the shows August 12

-my neighbor is in Russia and has been for 3 weeks - I miss her and can't figure out Skype for the iPhone :-(

-we are supposed to be going to the circus on Saturday and I have no desire to go.

-I want to do another race - my medal bowl looks like it needs an addition!

-we went to Halloween at my nieces campground and as always had a great time

-I have a 92 year old pen-pal whom I love and have never met

Well I better end this before I never stop

+++what about you? What's random in your life?+++

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